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Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Matematica

Course Presentation

Mathematics is a very ancient discipline, although in constant evolution, which develops its knowledge in an abstract context by means of inductive and deductive methods. Alongside the problems that have been studied for centuries, the needs of nowadays society are more and more frequently posing new problems to Mathematics deriving from Physical, Chemical, Natural, Economic, Social Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. Furthermore, in all countries of the world, Mathematics contributes to the cultural education of students of all school levels.
The Master’s Degree Program in Mathematics is a natural continuation of the corresponding Bachelor’s Degree. For students of the Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics graduated at the University of Florence, there are no additional requirements for the enrolment. Undergraduates of other Universities may be admitted to the Master’s Degree upon verification of adequate curricular requirements and personal preparation by the Educational Structure.
Other qualifications obtained abroad and recognized as eligible are subject to verification of adequate curricular requirements by the Educational Structure.
The Master’s Degree is typically obtained at the end of a two-year course of study. The admission criteria and the list of educational activities are listed in the “Regolamento della Laurea Magistrale” (Regulation of the Master’s Degree)
The Master’s Degree in Mathematics is divided into three different curricula:
  • Curriculum Generale (Pure Mathematics Curriculum): for students wishing to increase their skills and knowledge of the most advanced mathematical disciplines. This formative program will be, therefore, the premise to run research in the various fields of Mathematics, or of careers in the field of scientific publication.
  • Curriculum Applicativo (Applied Mathematics Curriculum): allows graduates to find a job in the sectors where both abstraction skills, typical of a mathematical training, and specific knowledge in the application of mathematics, are required. It will be, furthermore, the basis for the research in the field of Applied Mathematics and Numerical Calculus.
  • Curriculum Didattico (Mathematics for Teaching Curriculum): aims to provide all the scientific expertise, tools, and teaching ability that are necessary for teaching mathematics at secondary school level. In addition to general knowledge and tools, a more specific knowledge, both in the logical-informatic field and in the preparation of academic experiences, is provided.
All activities are in Italian language.
last update: 19-July-2019
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